Diablo III Will Get Paragon System

 Diablo III Will Get Paragon System

If you’re one of the many players that have devoted dozens of hours to getting through all of the difficulty modes of Diablo III and bringing one or more characters to the capped level 60, you may be finding that it’s lonely to be the king, and that the rewards for doing everything kind of don’t exist. Blizzard has heard you.

Earlier today, Blizzard took to the game’s official blog and outlined a new feature for level 60 players: the Paragon System. This mechanic implements 100 “Paragon” levels, which continue to award experience as per the usual system, with each level awarding bonuses to the core attributes (Strength, Intelligence, etc.) and an additional three percent to magic item find and gold find. Apparently, the character portrait will also start to gain a border to denote Paragon status. Blizzard fully expects this addition to significantly increase the longevity of the game, comparing the time it takes to complete the Paragon levels to the time it took to get all the way to Level 99 in Diablo II.

The announcement comes in the wake of other planned patches to the game designed to make the usual minor class balances, as well as add some buffs to Legendary items that make them more powerful and satisfying with custom effects.

I for one don’t need much more than this for the game to enslave my schedule once again. Blizzard is listening: what do you want to see in the next Diablo III patch? Sound off in the comments below or visit the forums!

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