Diablo III’s Live Auction House is Now Live

 Diablo III’s Live Auction House is Now Live

Tired of trading in-game currency for a desired virtual item? Suffer no more, as Blizzard has released the Live Auction House in Diablo III.

The United Status, Mexico, and Australia will all be able to use their currency in the live action house. If you’re in another area, such as Europe, Blizzard is still working towards providing you the ability to use your currency to purchase virtual goods.

Along with the live auction house being live, Blizzard also fixed Error 37 for good in this latest update. If there’s an issue with the authentication service, the game will simply now wait at the “Authenticating Credentials” screen until it has been processed.

What do you think about the live auction house being available?  Have you attempted to trade or purchase any virtual goods for real currency?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Diablo III in our forums.

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