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The next Humble Bundle is Origin focused

Well. That’s surprising, to say the least. The newest Humble Bundle is focused around a company that isn’t generally associated with being humble: EA, or more specifically, it’s Origin platform. Like most of the AAA-publisher focused bundles Humble Bundle have put out (i.e. THQ, Deep Silver), this bundle forgoes a lot of the rules that […]Read More


New ‘Dead Space’ titles still possible

The Dead Space franchise has been steadily declining in terms of fan love, with the third title in the series receiving the lowest Metacritic scores from users. However, EA still seems to think there is some life in the series. EA Labels president Frank Gibeau told IGN, Yeah, that’s an intellectual property that we’ve proven […]Read More


‘Dead Space 3: Awakened’ DLC now available

Oh, you’re itching to relieve some more overburdened Necromorphs of their limbs, are you? Lucky for you, then, that Dead Space 3‘s “Awakened” DLC – the first story-based downloadable content for Visceral Games’ action-horror title – hit the digital marketplace today. The hours-long content once again puts players in the boots of franchise protagonist Isaac […]Read More

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EA CFO: Not all future games will have microtransactions

Last week, Electronic Arts‘ chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen sent the gaming world into a tizzy when he seemingly said all of the company’s future games will include microtransactions while speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference. Today, Jorgensen clarified that his initial statement only meant all EA games going forward will have […]Read More


EA’s Changing Focus: Anti-Consumerism

EA is facing a crossroads at the end of this console generation. The internet has certainly made this seventh generation of hardware more attractive than any before, but not without their own special kind of bullshit interspersed. Day-one DLC, patch culture, retail specific pre-order DLC, and online passes have all paved the way for mega […]Read More


StickSkills Radio Episode 21 – Dead Space 3

This week it’s all about Dead Space 3, mostly. First we hit on the very few big news stories, including, The Witcher 3 not coming to current gen consoles, the continuing promise of Ouya and the debacle that is Rayman Legends release. It’s pretty much all Dead Space 3 from there, with myself, Perry and […]Read More