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‘Dead Space 3: Under a Buck’ Achievement Guide

Just picked up Dead Space 3 and lookin’ for some help with the game’s Achievements? Don’t you worry, dear reader: we got you covered. Video Coordinator Todd Schlickbernd is here to show you how to get some of the most saught after Points in Visceral Games’ latest thriller. Here’s a description of the Under the Buck Achievement: The […]Read More


Visceral Games announces ‘Dead Space 3’ DLC

The first DLC for Dead Space 3, which released today, is called Awakened and will be available in March. Awakened will allow players to “experience the franchise’s darkest chapters as the Necromorph battles become even more gruesome and terrifying than ever before,” according to EA. It will be available via the PlayStation Network, Origin and […]Read More


‘Dead Space 3’ demo sees 2 million downloads

Dead Space 3 is one of the biggest titles on the docket for the first quarter of 2013, and according to mega-publisher EA, the game’s chill-inducing demo has been downloaded more than 2 million times. The game’s trial, which went live on both the PlayStation Network and the Xbox Live Marketplace Jan. 22, has now graced […]Read More