iOS Holiday Buyer’s Guide

 iOS Holiday Buyer’s Guide

0.99 Games:

Ziggurat – Action Button Entertainment brought me one of my favourite games of the year and it’s only a dollar. You control a man with a gun on top of a ziggurat. Players will shoot down enemies coming from the left and right with your goal to kill as many as you can. It’s a pure experience with amazing music to boot.

Cut the Rope – One of the most addicting iOS games is easily Cut the Rope. For a dollar, you’ll be hard pressed to find a game more challenging and addicting that involves, well, candy. Buy the game, play the hell out of it, and then watch out for an upcoming contest featuring some swag based on the game! If you want a sneak peak, head over to Round 5 to see what we’ll be giving out. – Dougie Veney

Voyager – This game’s graphics were designed using only wool. It’s a simple gyro-sensing game with classic 50s music. You’ll collect little objects while trying not to hit anything (the game is hardcore: one hit and you’re done). Playing it on either an iPhone or iPad provides a truly wonderful sensation.

Punch Quest – This game’s not a typical runner; instead of jumping over gaps, you punch everything in sight. You enter a cave filled with monsters and do your best to punch the ever-living crap out of them. You can customize your character and add additional moves later on.

Heads Up! Hot Dogs – The point of the game is to drop hot dogs onto people’s heads as they walk by. Just make sure the dogs don’t hit the ground; three drops and you’re out. It’s super silly but that’s Adult Swim Games for you.

Angry Birds Star Wars – I felt the need to include one Angry Birds game so I went with the latest and possibly greatest. Taking some of the best aspects from the original Star Wars Trilogy, your birds will travel from Tatooine to the depths of the galaxy far, far away.

Robot Unicorn Attack – Another Adult Swim game that’s been a Flash-favourite forever. You play as a unicorn set to Erasure’s “Always,” dodging everything and collecting jewels. One false move and you explode in a viscera of robot parts. It’s one of the most addictive things you can play on an iOS device.

Run Roo Run – From Scribblenauts developer 5th Cell, Run Roo Run stars a kangaroo trying to rescue her baby. It’s a simple platformer with small sections that require you to tap at the right time. With over 400 levels, it’ll keep you glued for a long time.

Mr. Ninja – Using two colors for its look, Mr. Ninja has you control a ninja launching between moving platforms,  while slashing little enemies. The more enemies you slay in a row, the more points you get.

Super Snack Time – This new title from Little Guy Games has you play as little creatures destroying fruit. The better shots you take, the more points you receive, and the more explosions occur, which rule by the way. You can grab this for free right now before it skyrockets to a whopping… oh, wait, it’s just 99 cents.

Writer Rumble – A word-based fighting game? Yes, you read that right. With local and online multiplayer, players will take on their favorite writer from Shakespeare to H.P. Lovecraft and spell words to take down their opponents. If you can get a game in with a friend, it rules but there’s also a horde style mode if you want to practice.

Scribblenauts Remix – What can be said about Scribblenauts that hasn’t already? It’s the classic word-puzzle platformer on the DS brought to iOS and works splendidly. Platforming is simple and brings all the words from both DS versions minus Unlimited.

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