iOS Holiday Buyer’s Guide

 iOS Holiday Buyer’s Guide

2.99 and up Games:

Super Hexagon – I’ve already spouted reasons as to why Super Hexagon is amazing in my review but if you need more indication: It’s wonderful and hard and simple and challenging. You’ll be playing this for days on end. It’s on sale now for 0.99 cents.

Canabalt – Originally free on PC but now it’s in prime form on the iOS platform. A simple runner that has you dodging everything in sight as an apocalypse begins.

McPixel – 100 challenges that you complete in a matter of seconds. If you think of it like MacGuyver mixed with Wario Ware, you pretty much have it on the nose. It’s also available on Steam and was one of the first Greenlit titles on the service.

Shellrazer – You play as a turtle with a turret on his shell, crawling through levels and destroying everything in your path as you shoot and explode things. Pretty simple stuff.

Velocispider – A Space Invaders-styled game in which you play as a robotic raptor mixed with a spider. You shoot down robots and eventually get to a boss. It gets addictive and pretty hard in the later levels but the challenge will make you come back.

Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP – One of the best games of 2011 still reigns supreme on iOS. A simple point-and-click interface that works beautifully on a touch screen. With amazing graphics drawn by Superbrothers Inc. and wonderful music by Jim Guthrie, it’s a combination of music and visuals you can’t find many other places in the world.

Rayman Jungle Run – Taking the great look of Rayman Origins, Jungle Run takes core concepts from that title and runs with it with levels based around running, jumping and the like.

Game Dev Story – Ever wanted to run your own game studio? Game Dev Story lets you do so. It’s really fun and you’ll learn to know when to make a puzzle game and whether to focus on handhelds or current consoles.

Infinity Blade – One of the premiere iOS games from Shadow Complex developer Chair Entertainment, takes the conceit of Fruit Ninja and makes an action/RPG with the game. Intense sword-fighting abounds in this title. It garnered a sequel that you can also nab.

LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 – It’s not often a fairly traditional console game gets a thoughtful port to iOS, so you may be surprised by LEGO Harry Potter, which manages to take the DS/PSP iterations of the game and make them work wonderfully with nothing but touch. Everything from navigating the environment to casting the numerous and varied spells is handled excellently. While not the most challenging game, there’s plenty of fun to be had from exploring the world of Harry Potter in LEGO form. – Ross Adams

Broken Sword: Director’s Cut – This may not be the definitive version of Broken Sword, but it’s a damned good one. And the ability to take a near 12 hour experience around with you in your bag or pocket is still quite mind blowing. With all its voice acting in tact, and the beautiful art looking better than ever, it’s a joy to have this classic so easily accessible. Whether you’ve never experienced it before or are just looking to revisit the epic tale of the Templars, this is a must play. – Ross Adams

Plants vs. Zombies – Another PopCap classic that’s been on iOS for two years now and still plays amazingly. It’s a simple tower defense game where you protect your house from zombies with…plants. It works amazingly on a touch screen and looks beautiful to boot. You won’t want zombies on the lawn after playing this game.

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