iOS Holiday Buyer’s Guide

 iOS Holiday Buyer’s Guide

1.99 Games:

Jack Lumber – Similar to Fruit Ninja, you’ll be slicing things in Jack Lumber, but instead of doing so willy-nilly, you can make one path. Players will chop a whole bunch of wood as Mr. Jack Lumber, collecting points and finding new ways to slice logs in the allotted time.

Spelltower – A very simple word game that anyone can enjoy. You’ll see a large list of letters and must swipe in various directions to make the best words. It’s addicting fun, and you might learn a few new words.

Pixldbits – A match-three of sorts where you’ll select certain squares of varying colors and group them together. Developed by Kim Swift’s Airtight Games, you’ll see a lot of neat puzzle influence in this title.

TNNS – Another game from Action Button Entertainment looks like a simple brickbreaker, but there’s a catch; you have to collect a star in each level while surviving, whether that means using a barrier or employing multiple balls. If you lose the ball, you lose the game and have to start over.

Tomena Sanner – A rhythm-based dancing game is quite possibly the best way to describe this title. You play a Japanese businessman who simply runs, and you have to tap at the right time to do a sweet dance. The coolest part? Your dance might be with a human or it might be with a panda.

Pizza Boy – One of the best platformers on the iOS device since it doesn’t really use virtual buttons. Instead, it uses a left/right switch to indicate movement with one jump button. It’s surprisingly intuitive and works very well. Also, pizza.

The Blocks Cometh – Halfbot has also made a great 2D platformer on the iOS device. While it does use virtual controls, they don’t require a lot of movement. Blocks come down from the sky and you must dodge and destroy them to stay afloat, much like in to Mr. Driller. It’s also free for the holidays.

Super Mega Worm – The world is out to get you for being a city-destroying worm. So naturally, you must fight back by eating humans and destroying everything. It’s simple and just plain satisfying to kill everything in sight as a giant worm.

Super Crate Box – The game is already free on Steam, but the mobile version is very good too. You’ll be killing many enemies at a time while collecting new crates, obtaining a new power-up in each. It’s arcade fun to the core and you’ll play

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