iOS Holiday Buyer’s Guide

 iOS Holiday Buyer’s Guide

As we start our mobile coverage coming into the new year, a lot of people are looking forward to getting iPhones and iPads for Christmas. But what games will you first get on your new device? Never fear, our buyer’s guide is here!

Free Games:

Mega Run – Get Set Games’ sequel to the free Mega Jump, Redford has now been put into a runner-styled platformer. Players will be jumping gaps, grabbing loads of collectibles and since launch, the game has been updated with tons of new stuff. First-timers will get a lovely bunch of content for less than a dollar.

Cool Pizza – You play a skateboarder who kills giant bugs and has hands that shoot lasers. All to a radical soundtrack with a Sonic Youth-style look. I feel bad not giving this developer money for their game.

Pocket Planes – If you’ve ever played Tiny Tower by this developer, then you know the addiction you’ll be getting into when you start. Pocket Planes has you managing airports all around the world. You’ll be making sure each plane has the necessary cargo or enough people onboard while you collect money to upgrade your airport.

Temple Run – Super simple runner game predicated on the stealing of a golden idol. You have to run as fast as you can and collect everything in sight while avoiding evil monkeys. As you expand your collection of coins, you’ll be able to upgrade your skill set and get some new characters as well.

Jetpack Joyride – Another runner but you’ll be using a jetpack this time (so, I guess that makes it a jetpacker?). From the developer of Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride lets players escape a laboratory by flying over everything. You’ll have to dodge lasers, and the power-ups you’ll get include flying dragons, gravity suits and teleporters.

Spellsword – Similar to Super Crate Box, Spellsword is a medieval arcade-action game. You’ll have a goal in each level and, equipped with your trusty sword, you’ll take down as many enemies as you can. You’ll also collect coins to get more items later on.

Middle Manager of Justice – Double Fine’s first foray into the iOS world has taken a great stab at social games. You play as the ultra-average manager of an office of superheroes, making sure your heroes are fit, smart, and ready to fight crime. As you place superheroes on the map to fight villains, you can play out the battles yourself and make sure each hero is outfitted for combat.

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0.99 Games:

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