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‘NHL 13’ Preview

Promoting the biggest relaunch of its NHL franchise in years, EA Sports has been giving the gaming community the hard sell when it comes to NHL 13. Releasing more campaign videos than some presidential candidates, EA is trying their damnedest to show that owners of NHLs 11 and 12 need to upgrade this year, or […]Read More


NHL 13 Demo Available Today for PS3 & Xbox 360

Hockey fans, unite!  EA SPORTS has officially released the NHL 13 demo today for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 featuring the LA Kings & New Jersey Devils. The demo weighs in at about 1.3GB, and you can queue it up on your Xbox 360 right now.  The Playstation 3 version should be arriving […]Read More


NHL 13 Defensive Gameplay Trailer

“The best offense is a good defense.” “Defense wins championships.” Defense, defense, defense. What’s the big deal? Last I heard you couldn’t score goals on defense. But… I guess there’s some value. I mean, you can’t score without the puck, so at some point you’ve got to steal it. And it’s nice to stop your opponent from putting […]Read More


2013 EA SPORTS Season Ticket Price & Details

Last year, EA SPORTS debuted their Season Ticket program.  While quite a few brows were raised upon the initial announcement, the Season Ticket provided quite a bit of value for avid sports fans. Season Ticket allows you to download each EA SPORTS title three days before it launches.  You’re provided with the ability to play […]Read More


NHL 13 – ‘GM Connected’ Trailer

NHL 13 looks to take its online play to sky-scraping new heights this year with the addition of GM Connected mode. Billed as “the largest multi-user online dynasty ever,” GM Connected allows players to compete with and against their friends in a 30-team, user controlled league. For those who played last year’s iteration, think of […]Read More


NHL 13: 3 Things to Dream About Until Launch

Over the last three years, EA Sports has managed to dominate the NHL video game market. In fact, last year, 2K Sports dropped out of the race alltogether, leaving EA with (practically) an NHL monopoloy. Of course, it’s no accident that the publisher’s NHL series has risen to the top. Critics and fans seem to […]Read More