NHL 13 – ‘GM Connected’ Trailer

 NHL 13 – ‘GM Connected’ Trailer

NHL 13 looks to take its online play to sky-scraping new heights this year with the addition of GM Connected mode. Billed as “the largest multi-user online dynasty ever,” GM Connected allows players to compete with and against their friends in a 30-team, user controlled league. For those who played last year’s iteration, think of GM Connected as EASHL, blown completely open.

Announced today with the trailer shown below, EA lists five ways to play within GM Connected:

  • Play vs. Computer
  • Head-to-Head
  • Co-Op Team Play
  • Coach Your Team
  • Set your AI and Sim

This last option may not seem like the most glorified way to play, but when you aren’t able to make it to a game, having put in the time to manage your A.I. will really pay off.

[youtube id=”uFXcAAjFKJ0″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

According to the EA NHL website, players within a league will be able to experience their league in three different ways: as The Commissioner, the General Manager, or the Player. Each of these is designed to provide players with a totally unique style of gameplay. For example, the Commissioner of a league (there’s only one) sets up the schedule, approves trades, and makes sure everything is running smoothly. The GM, on the other hand, manages a single team by setting the strategy, changing lines, and managing the front office (trades, free agents, etc.). Lastly, the player is exactly what it sounds like–one guy on the ice who gets to hit, pass, skate, and score. EA states that, with the number of players, GMs, and Commissioners in a league, 750 users can participate in a single league. But don’t worry,  that number does not need to be satisfied, as EA NHL’s improved A.I. will take control of the non-user controlled entities.

EA has also noted that it will be releasing a companion mobile app, so players can track their league while they’re away from their consoles.


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