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‘Sniper Elite 3’ gets awesome teaser

Sniper Elite v2 was one of my favorite games last year, with its surprisingly well executed stealth and realistic sniping. Also the fact that you could shoot Hitler in the junk was pretty great. Next year, Rebellion and 505 Games are teaming up to bring the game’s sequel, aptly named Sniper Elite 3, to PS3, PS4, […]Read More


Xi3’s Piston releases November 29

Back in January, a little company called Xi3 announced a partnership with Valve for this small-form Piston PC. It was the original Steam Box, way back before all this Steam OS and Steam Machines hullabaloo. Since Valve severed ties with the company back in March, Xi3’s Piston has been the subject of much scrutiny. Well, […]Read More


‘Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze’ delayed

The Wii U was poised to have a pretty decent little line up this holiday season. But then Donkey Kong decided to go and get delayed. During this morning’s Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze would be missing its December 6 release date and instead, move to February 2014. “In order to […]Read More


Valve announces SteamOS

Today, Valve ripped the cover off of SteamOS. The Linux variant is aimed at home theatre computers and will allow native Linux gaming, and the ability to stream games from your Windows or Mac systems onto the living room television. In addition to the gaming functions of the operating system, Valve is working with currently […]Read More


‘Grand Theft Auto V’ earns $1 billion in three days

Not content in making $800 million on release day, Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive just proudly announced to the world that Grand Theft Auto V just earned $1 billion in sales since release. Billion, with a “b.” To put that in perspective, it took Black Ops II fifteen days to reach the same achievement. In a press […]Read More


Valve unveils Steam Family Sharing

Heavily rumored, Valve today unveiled their plans for a Family Sharing system within Steam. This system will allow users to share Steam libraries with friends and family. Seem familiar? It should, since it’s very similar to Microsoft’s original vision for the Xbox One. A beta will be rolling out shortly for members of the Family […]Read More