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Bluepoint Games to revive classic Sony IP

As our collective fascination with nostalgia reaches critical mass, Bluepoint Games breaks the mold by announcing that they’re working on a new game in a classic franchise. Found on a job site, Bluepoint is looking for a senior graphics programmer to bring on to the team to revive an as-0f-now unmentioned Sony IP for current […]Read More


John Carmack’s .plan files from 1997 surface

Long before the advent of Twitter, John Carmack had a pseudo-blog where he posted .plan files that documented his inner thoughts. Be them programming or life in general, Carmack wrote down a lot of content.  Collected here for the first time (that I know of), is the entirety of Carmack’s posts from 1997, which documents […]Read More


‘Bioshock Infinite’ DLC Burial at Sea announced

After months of teasing, Bioshock Infinite’s first piece of DLC has been announced. Titled Burial at Sea, this new story sees Booker going to Rapture before all hell broke loose to find a girl named Elizabeth. Sound familiar? Check out the trailer here. Naturally, no release date was given beyond the vague “Coming Soon.” Game Informer has […]Read More


Nintendo may revive Seaman

We can all agree that Seaman for the Dreamcast is a masterpiece in surrealist gamemaking, right? Well, the answer to that question is “Yes,” and I’ll accept no other answers. There was a rumor a while back about Seaman being revived for the 3DS. Obviously, nothing has come of that rumor since it spread like wildfire in ye […]Read More


Bioshock Vita still in talks

I love having industry people accessible at a moment’s notice via social networking. Not only is it funny to send them pictures of cute otters, but sometimes you can get some juicy details on long in development projects. Take Ken Levine for instance. Two years ago at E3 2011, Levine took to Sony’s stage to […]Read More