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EA SPORTS officially cancels ‘NBA Live 13’

Before the launch of this current generation, the king of basketball was arguably EA SPORTS.  Their popular series NBA Live seemed to find the perfect blend of simulation with a small dash of arcade atmosphere. The first two NBA Live titles that EA SPORTS released on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 were far from […]Read More


First NBA Live 13 Gameplay Hits the Internet

Ever since the announcement of NBA Live 13 earlier this year, fans have been excited to see the first gameplay video emerge.  While we’ve seen screenshots, EA SPORTS hasn’t revealed too much on the game to this point. A YouTube video has emerged today showcasing gameplay of NBA Live 13 between the Miami Heat & […]Read More


EA: NBA Live 13 Has Not Been Cancelled

Quite a bit of speculation has risen the past few days regarding the status of NBA Live 13.  After the a financial call for EA yesterday, it was quickly noticed that NBA Live 13 was absent from their list of fall and winter releases. Speaking with Owen Good at Kotaku, EA SPORTS has confirmed that […]Read More


EA SPORTS Unveils NBA Live 13 Rookie Ratings

The 2012 NBA draft took place last night and was a special event.  After each rookie was selected by their new NBA team, the EA SPORTS NBA Live 13 twitter account unveiled the ratings for each player in their upcoming game. You’ll find that most of the rookies are slotted in the 70s, with only […]Read More