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Metacritic: the gatekeeper that needs clarity

Metacritic has been in the news again lately, this time because some apparent insights into the site’s “weighing” system. Data recently revealed in a study from Adams Greenwood-Ericsen of Full Sail University made some pretty damning claims concerning how the site weights review scores for their “Metascore.” And while this does reignite a discussion about […]Read More


Users Denounce Diablo III on Metacritic

Bastion, Gears of War 3 and just about every Call of Duty title have all suffered the wrath of disgruntled gamers on metacritic, as each saw a slew of abysmal scores appear diametrically opposed to what critics were saying after release. It became obvious that many of the “reviewers” had never even touched the games that they seemingly despised, which […]Read More