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Backlog Quest: ‘Max Payne 3’

Let’s face it – publishers release a lot of games, and it’s almost impossible to play them all when they first drop. With summer (not to mention a new console generation) just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to dive into our backlogs and wrap up some games we’ve let fall by the wayside. […]Read More


First ‘SimCity’ DLC from Maxis is Nissan advertisement

Maxis and EA Games’ first chunk of post-release DLC for the troubled SimCity will help players go green via a Nissan LEAF Charging Station. A free in-game item that will bring a single wave of happiness to the nearby businesses, this Nissan-sponsored object produces no sewage or garbage – acting as a pollution-free structure. It’s self-sufficient, as it also […]Read More


Season Passes: More Risk than Reward

When season passes first began to trend, there wasn’t much backlash from the community. It stood as an opportunity for hardcore fans to get the downloadable content, which they were going to purchase anyway, while giving the developer and publisher a nice cash advance. While it may be tough to shell out the now large […]Read More


‘Max Payne 3’ DLC delayed

The Hostage Negotiation Pack for Max Payne 3 was initially slated for a September release, but that window has come and gone, and we now have an updated estimate from Rockstar. An exact date is still not known, but the new projection is later this fall. The official word straight from the developer is as follows, Our […]Read More


No More GTA V Footage for a While

Excited about the new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots that released earlier today? Well, you should be, but don’t expect to see much else from Rockstar on the game in the near future. “We are very busy working on the game! Everything is going well, but the game is a huge project.” In a recent Q&A on […]Read More