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Rumor: A Ton of Grand Theft Auto V Details Leaked

Oh Grand Theft Auto V, we wish we knew more about you.  Until Rockstar begins to confirm individual features and satisfies fanboys all over the internet, rumors are bound to swirl every so often.  This week, there’s an absolute megaton of information circulating of “supposed” details for Grand Theft Auto IV. GameRanx is claiming to […]Read More


A Look Back at Grand Theft Auto Announcement Trailers

The first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V will be released by Rockstar Games today at 12 noon Eastern Time. To help get you ready, we’ve assembled a collection of trailers from each installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Now the traditional trailer format that we know today wasn’t employed much back in 1997 […]Read More


Poll – What do You Want Out of GTA V?

Ever since Rockstar dropped the news on us yesterday of Grand Theft Auto Five’s existence, the internet has been ablaze with rumors, speculation, and wish lists for the upcoming game. However, we’re eager to hear what you think about GTA V and what potential features you’re most interested in. The following polls address some of […]Read More


Five Things the GTA V Trailer Should Tell Us

Whether you’re a fan of video games or not, it’s hard to not have heard about the official announcement of Grand Theft Auto V yesterday.  As the world anxiously awaits for the launch of the first official trailer for the title a week from day, we’re sure you’re wondering what questions will be answered with […]Read More


Grand Theft Auto V is Now Official

If you go the homepage of Rockstar’s website, you’ll see nothing more than the announcement gamers have been waiting for since GTA IV was released in 2008. The company has announced that Grand Theft Auto 5 is officially in development, and that a debut trailer will be released on November 2. Many inside the industry […]Read More