Grand Theft Auto V is Now Official

If you go the homepage of Rockstar’s website, you’ll see nothing more than the announcement gamers have been waiting for since GTA IV was released in 2008. The company has announced that Grand Theft Auto 5 is officially in development, and that a debut trailer will be released on November 2.

Many inside the industry have predicted that Grand Theft Auto 5 was already in the works and that it was even in the final stages of development. With the first official word of the game coinciding with a debut trailer teased for the following week, it appears as though these sentiments might true.

There are also beliefs that the game will take place in Los Angeles, after reports circulated in December that the title was being codenamed “Rush” and a casting call was put out for a characters like a Californian divorcee, who is “ugly but comfortable” with herself, and another character that was a “weed evangelist.”

A look at the “V” in the GTA V logo also shades of the script design on the U.S. dollar. This could hint that – much the same way GTA IV parodied the excess of society in Liberty City – Grand Theft Auto 5 could address the current national and global recession being experienced in today’s economy.

We’ll be sure to have the trailer for you the moment it hits. For now, be sure to let us know what you think about Grand Theft Auto V in the comments or our new forums!

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