Five Things the GTA V Trailer Should Tell Us

Whether you’re a fan of video games or not, it’s hard to not have heard about the official announcement of Grand Theft Auto V yesterday.  As the world anxiously awaits for the launch of the first official trailer for the title a week from day, we’re sure you’re wondering what questions will be answered with the first footage.

Rockstar has released quite a few controversial games in their time, and we’re hoping that Grand Theft Auto V follows the same routine.  Below, we’ve listed five things that we hope the GTA V trailer tell us when it goes live next week.

1. What systems will the game be launching for?  While we’re sure that the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are locks for release, we’re expecting to see the PC, Playstation Vita, and may even the Wii U mentioned for the title.    In addition to what platforms are named as launched, it’ll be interesting to see if either Microsoft or Sony look to secure an exclusive launch period.

2. When and where?  While revisiting Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV was extremely entertaining, fans are generally asking for a new city.  Rumors have swirled for Los Angeles, London, and a few other locales, but it seems that Rockstar may have something up their sleeves.  Even more interesting than where, is the time period.  The 1890s and a modern setting have both been the subject of internet rumors, but we’re fully expecting Rockstar to shock us with the setting.

3.  Who will the main character be?  Still recovering from an upset stomach, the mentions of Gilbert Gottfried as a main character are mind-boggling.  While we trust Rockstar, we’re not sure we could stomach such a “voice” to constantly be emitted from our speakers.  Will we see multiple characters , cameos from previous individuals in the series, or a totally new character?

4. Will the over-the-top action be back?  Grand Theft Auto III gave us chaos, freedom, and ridiculous hours of entertainment.  While quite a few titles in the GTA series have since released, we desperately want the ability to do the over the top action.  While guns & crazy driving (please fix the driving physics) have still been t here, we’re missing the less serious portion of the series.  The expansion Ballad of Gay Tony brought this back, and we’re hoping that Grand Theft Auto V continues to build upon that.

5. Will the multiplayer be teased?  While the multiplayer in Grand Theft Auto IV was unique and still manages to peak on Xbox Live and Playstation Network’s most played, it’s less than desirable.  While we don’t expect anything to be clearly laid out, we do expect Rockstar to drop quite a few hidden teasers within the trailer.  We’re hoping that if there are any multiplayer teasers, that Rockstar throws in a little cooperative action because we’re desperately wanting to rob a few banks with friends.

What do you think about the list we’ve provided above?  What do you hope the first teaser trailer for Grand Theft Auto V reveals?  Be sure to stay tuned as we’ll bring you the trailer the moment it goes live, barring the internet doesn’t explode.  Leave us a comment below to let us know what you think, or sound off in our forums!

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