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Sony Bundles Up with PlayStation Collections

With the introduction of Sony’s brand new PlayStation Collections today, the company hopes to take advantage of some of its most serially successful exclusives. The idea is simple, and its title is pretty self-explanatory; Starting with the Infamous and God of War series, Sony will be combining some of its exclusive lines of titles into […]Read More


God of War: Omega Edition Coming This Holiday

Before God of War: Ascension releases early next year to big sales and critical acclaim, Sony has decided to remind fans why Kratos is such a big deal to begin with. According to PlayFront, a yet-to-be-priced Omega Edition is planned to be released to the public this November. Just what’s all in this massive bundle? […]Read More


God of War: Ascension Debut Trailer Leaked

God of War fans, it looks like a little more Kratos is definitely in your future. ¬†After Sony teased an announcement for the past few days, the internet found a way to have it leak early and we have it all here for you. Not only do we have the debut trailer for God of […]Read More