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Origin Bundle breaks Humble Bundle sales records

The internet really likes to complain about EA’s Origin service. Sure there are plenty of customer service horror stories, but people seem ready and willing if the price is right, as has been shown through the latest Humble Bundle. After breaking $8.6 million in sales, the EA sponsored Humble Bundle is the best selling to […]Read More


‘Peggle 2’ gameplay reveal trailer

Like most Popcap games, Peggle also has a strong following. Regardless of whether it’s the developer’s choice or EA’s decree to work on sequels lately, we the gamers should end up in top with Peggle 2. The Peggle games involve the rather simple task of firing a ball into a carnival-esque bumper-and-peg filled course and hoping for […]Read More


The next Humble Bundle is Origin focused

Well. That’s surprising, to say the least. The newest Humble Bundle is focused around a company that isn’t generally associated with being humble: EA, or more specifically, it’s Origin platform. Like most of the AAA-publisher focused bundles Humble Bundle have put out (i.e. THQ, Deep Silver), this bundle forgoes a lot of the rules that […]Read More


‘Battlefield 4’ won’t support cross-gen saves or play

Those hoping to transfer Battlefield 4 multiplayer progress between platforms are out of luck. Progression will be limited to each version, including between current and next-generation consoles. When questioned on the topic via Twitter, the system was explained as functioning “similar to Battlefield 3.” What’s more depressing, however, is that cross-gen play will not exist. It’s an understandable […]Read More