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Next Medal of Honor Beginning to Take Shape

While EA DICE has been owning the spotlight in the run-up to Battlefield 3’s release this Tuesday, the team at Danger Close, the studio behind last year’s indelibly promising but oft maligned Medal of Honor,  has been digging in and working on the installment in the MoH / Tier 1 narrative. Anyone who has already […]Read More


EA & DICE Release Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Trailer

With the official release of Battlefield 3 being only a week away, it’s time for a brand new multiplayer trailer for the title.  EA & DICE have released more multiplayer footage that showcases the explosions, vehicles, and action that has lead to you more than likely pre-ordering the title. Oh, and did we forget to […]Read More


EA Reveals Official Dead Space 2 Cover Art

Seeing a necromorph in the shadows isn’t exactly putting the odds in your favor, unless you’re Isaac Clarke.  After the success of the first Dead Space title, EA is preparing to launch the sequel to the survival-horror title next year. Though Dead Space 2 is apparently still quite some time away from hitting store shelves, […]Read More