EA: Origin needs to be “re-established as a service”

 EA: Origin needs to be “re-established as a service”

EA’s Origin hasn’t always been on the gaming community’s good side. However, if EA Sports EVP Andrew Wilson is to be believed, changes are coming. The executive believes that Origin needs to be “re-established as a service,” as opposed to simply driving transactions.

Wilson explains that the original goal of Origin was to enhance “the experience of playing games.” As it stands, the service is mainly a combination of the EA store and download manager, and not much else. When discussing the current state of the service, Wilson admits Origin is “is by no means perfect,” but thinks EA has “done some pretty cool things.” Most importantly, he talks of changes to come in the future,

Part of the reason why I think it came back in to me was my history with Origin, and the ability to take a step back and say OK, now that we have the plumbing what does ‘make your EA games better’ mean? What does ‘make it easier to access those games’ mean? What does ‘enhanced gameplay’ mean? What does ‘connect with friends’ mean in the context of Origin, and what does that mean for the PC, for console, and for mobile? Really coming back to our roots as a service for gamers, versus anything else that it may have been perceived to have been over the last few years by virtue of its various permutations or changes in direction.

Overall, it sounds like the goal is to make Origin a service we want to use, not one we have to use; to make it something other than an annoyance we’re forced to tolerate when buying PC versions of EA games. If EA is going to work harder to make me want to use Origin, I’m not going to argue. Hopefully more changes than just its public image.

Source: GI International
Via: VG24/7

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