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Xbox One will require day one patch

Those planning to purchase an Xbox One will be required to download a patch before they can use the console, Polygon reports. The patch is “not tied directly to enabling offline functionality,” a Microsoft representative told Polygon. “A day one system update for Xbox One has always been planned to accommodate the differences between hardware […]Read More


Sony responds to the Xbox One’s changing DRM policies

Today was one of the most eventful early Wednesday evenings in history, with Twitter exploding over the announcement that Microsoft had removed the Xbox One’s very controversial DRM. Ever a gracious rival, Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida, responded to a question asked to him regarding Microsoft’s new stance. I’ll let his tweet do the […]Read More


Microsoft axes Xbox One DRM policies [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Microsoft has officially confirmed via a statement at its website that it will discontinue many of its unpopular policies regarding the Xbox One. Thanking fans and consumers for their feedback and their help “reshaping the future of the Xbox One,” Don Mattick, president of Interactive Entertainment Business with Microsoft, discussed the importance of the […]Read More


The next Xbox will work offline

Those tricky devils at ArsTechnica just got their hands on an internal email sent to all full time Microsoft employees working on the next Xbox. We’ve all been worried that whatever Microsoft calls its next Xbox, it’ll force everyone to stay permanently connected to enjoy our games. It looks like that fear is squashed for […]Read More