Sony responds to the Xbox One’s changing DRM policies

 Sony responds to the Xbox One’s changing DRM policies

Today was one of the most eventful early Wednesday evenings in history, with Twitter exploding over the announcement that Microsoft had removed the Xbox One’s very controversial DRM. Ever a gracious rival, Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida, responded to a question asked to him regarding Microsoft’s new stance. I’ll let his tweet do the talking.

Shuhei Yoshida Twitter ThingerSubtle jab at the competition? Absolutely. Hilarious? You betcha. Sony’s seemingly good will towards gamers this past week has worked out incredibly well for them, even if the latest PS3 firmware might brick your console. But with Microsoft’s decision to make the Xbox One work like literally every other console before it, the competition just got fierce. If the console wars hadn’t started already, it most certainly has now.

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