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Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand Gets Date and New Screens

DICE has recently confirmed that the DLC expansion, Back to Karkand will be made available in December (perhaps the all the servers will be in order by then), and yesterday the developer released a set of screens that show glimpses of what’s in store for us. Back to Karkand will add four classic maps to […]Read More


Xbox Live Deal Of The Week: Dead Rising

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s only appropriate that Microsoft give us a treat instead of a trick for the Xbox Live Deal of the Week. This week’s reduced content is all about the zombie horror as there are three different Dead Rising offers on the table. First, the original Dead Rising gets a […]Read More


Official Achievements for Gears 3 Horde Command Pack Revealed

Another day, and more achievements to get.  When the Gears of War 3 Command Pack downloadable content goes live on November 1st, you’ll be able to earn a few new achievements to increase your gamerscore.   The downloadable content adds five new achievements for a total of 250 gamerscore. If you haven’t heard about this upcoming […]Read More


Valve Adding In-Game Map Editor to Portal 2

Love Valve? We’re bringing news today that should further your love for the video game company.  Valve has announced today, via a press release, that they will be bringing an in-game map editor to Portal 2 early next year.  With map editors, it’s also a toss up as they can become incredibly difficult to use.  […]Read More


Xbox Live Deal Of The Week: Halo Reach DLC

The new Xbox Deal Of The Week that went live on the marketplace earlier today sees a price drop on both map packs for Halo: Reach. On the off chance that you’re an avid Reach player and you don’t own the game’s map packs yet, you can snag them for half off this week, but […]Read More


‘Missing Link’ DLC for Deus Ex Receives Date & Price

After a few teasers here and there, the official release date and pricing for the ‘Missing Link’ downloadable content for Deus Ex: Human Revolution has been revealed.  While October may be a busy month for gamers already, those of you craving more downloadable content for Deus Ex: Human Revolution will have your craving satisfied on […]Read More