Valve Adding In-Game Map Editor to Portal 2

Love Valve? We’re bringing news today that should further your love for the video game company.  Valve has announced today, via a press release, that they will be bringing an in-game map editor to Portal 2 early next year.  With map editors, it’s also a toss up as they can become incredibly difficult to use.  Valve is reassuring gamers that it will be very accessible.

While there are not too many details available on the in-game map editor yet, it’s safe to say that the downloadable content won’t be free on the Xbox 360.  Microsoft typically only allows one piece of free downloadable content per title.

Valve described the map editor has “easy to use”, and it will allow you to build and share levels for both single-player and cooperative levels.  Below, we’ve included a few excerpts from the press release.

This major update will feature an easy-to-use in-game map editor that will let users design, build and share their own single-player and co-op test chambers with the community, who will be able to view, play and vote on them with a simple click.

As stated, the update is said to go live early next year as long as Valve can stay on track with current development.  What do you think about this newly announced downloadable content for Portal 2?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or sound off in our forums!

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