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Best Gaming Clip of the Week: BF3 Parachute No-scope

Okay, okay, we’re late this week.  We apologize, but hey, it’s the holidays!  We’re planning on making up for being a bit tardy this week by bringing you an amazing clip in Battlefield 3.  The clip involves a headshot, a parachute, and a helicopter. No, Chuck Norris isn’t involved within this Battlefield 3 clip, but […]Read More


The Most Anticlimactic Battlefield 3 Video You’ll See

When EA commissioned Freddie Wong and his team to help kick off their “Only in Battlefield” contest last week, this is not what they had in mind. The competition asks gamers to upload their “most epic Battlefield 3 moments” for a chance to win a trip to DICE. And while Wong’s trailer highlighted the glamorous […]Read More


Watch This Amazing Long Distance Sniper Headshot In Battlefield 3

Perhaps YouTube user Danzster read our Battlefield 3 sniper tips a while back, perhaps he’s just lucky, or perhaps he’s the second coming of Vasily Zaytsev. Whatever the case may be, he’s the latest sensation in the almost daily running of incredible Battlefield 3 moments. Lying on a rooftop in Back to Karkand’s Gulf of […]Read More


Best Gaming Clip of the Week: Amazing BF3 Jet Kill

We’ve had some great kills so far for our “Best Gaming Clip of the Week” segment, but this one easily takes the cake so far.  Actually, this may hands down be the best video game kill we’ve seen all year.  Don’t believe us? Prepare to have your jaw drop. Youtube user Stungravy has made James […]Read More