Someone Might Have Discovered A Spectator Mode And Recorder In Battlefield 3

Back when Call of Duty: Black Ops introduced a recorder and theater mode to multiplayer, gamers spent ample time capturing their finest moments of heroism and derangement. As the features carried on to Modern Warfare 3, many speculated that their main rival, Battlefield 3, would follow suit. After all, EA’s shooter openly advertises itself as being chock full of “only in Battlefield” moments.

Well, they didn’t….at least not to start. But with reported long term plans in place for the game, it’s entirely reasonable to suspect the addition of new features at some turn in the road. That’s why this video from Youtuber HazemHead is equal parts perplexing and oh-so-exciting.

The footage shows a game of conquest on the Tehran Highway map but from the viewpoint of a spectator rather than an actual soldier. Notice how the viewpoint moves straight through concrete and speeds up across the map while the rest of the action goes by at a normal pace.

HazemHead claims that the video is not a glitch, and that playing around with the game files somehow transported him into the spectator mode we see here. He also says he tried to access a “demo.recorder” file but was met with a black screen.

It’s still hard to believe that DICE would have screwed up in securing their files so much so as to have the mode discovered accidentally, but the clip seems legitimate enough. At any rate, it would certainly be welcome news. We all know the Internet is severely lacking in Battlefield 3 stunt montages.

Check things out for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments or the forums!

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