Xbox One can redeem content via QR codes

 Xbox One can redeem content via QR codes

Those who frequent Reddit are probably already familiar with an image which recently reached the front page. It pleads Microsoft to let users use QR codes, rather than 25 character codes, if they’re going to require every console ship with Kinect

Marc Whitten, Corporate Vice President at Xbox, saw the image and took to Twitter to confirm that this would indeed be a feature that the Xbox One would support.

It’s a small feature, but one that makes everyone’s lives much easier. After buying a new game, the last thing most people want to do is enter a code using their Xbox controller. While it’s possible to redeem them through Xbox.com, laziness and ease dictates most people do so through their console.

Microsoft can certainly use some good press after their butchered post-E3 coverage, the likes of which most likely led to Don Mattrick, the now ex-President of Interactive Entertainment at Microsoft, resigning from his post and taking up a CEO position at Zynga today.

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