Seven Big Names Mysteriously Absent from Next Gen (So Far)

 Seven Big Names Mysteriously Absent from Next Gen (So Far)


Gears of War

Going into the next console generation, many popular franchises introduced this generation find themselves in an interesting place – the overarching story established in the first game has been resolved, but the franchises have proven too popular to let ride into the sunset. Gears of War is a perfect example of this – it’s almost certain Epic Games has been working on the next game in the franchise since Gears of War 3 shipped in 2011, and it’s almost certainly a next-gen title (this year’s Judgment, developed by People Can Fly, was almost certainly intended as a stopgap intended to keep the franchise fresh in peoples’ minds). Considering Gears was one of the Xbox 360’s defining franchises, it’s outright surprising that there was nary a mention of the next entry in the franchise at E3.

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