Rumor: Nintendo delayed Wii U titles for upcoming patch

 Rumor: Nintendo delayed Wii U titles for upcoming patch

Delays for highly anticipated games on the Wii U have been some of the main problems facing the system. From Pikmin 3 to Rayman Legendsfans have been eagerly awaiting big name titles. And according to CVG, an unnamed source at Nintendo might know why we’re still waiting.

The source points to an upcoming summer patch as the culprit. An April update brought with it shorter load times, and the next due in a few months will most likely do the same. He or she claims that Nintendo is waiting for both of these updates to go live before any real PR push will be initiated. This is an attempt to avoid any harsh criticism of the system’s longer load times. Starting at this year’s E3, announcements will supposedly start rolling in, including the reveal of the next 3d Mario title. Wii U versions of Mario Kart and Smash Bros. have also been included in possible E3 announcements.

With Pikmin releasing this August, and both Rayman Legends and Wink Waker HD hitting this fall, Nintendo does already have quite the post summer line-up. But, of course, this is all still speculation. Secondary sources have told CVG that no delays have occurred for this reason, but at the same time the Wii U hasn’t exactly been rolling in major releases. Either way, here’s hoping Nintendo drops a few bombshells at this E3.

What are you anticipating for the Wii U?

Source: CVG
Via: Destructoid

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