Leaked ‘League of Legends’ video shows off map created for All-Star event

 Leaked ‘League of Legends’ video shows off map created for All-Star event

It was just yesterday that Riot Games announced the new League of Legends All-Star event set to occur in Shanghai on May 24-26. Included in these notes was the existence of “Skill Events” where players face off against one another in their respective positions.

Earlier today, a video, embedded below, leaked showing off a potential new 1v1 or 2v2 map. Riot was quick to react and responded accordingly confirming the maps existence but saying it was created specifically for the All-Star event in Shanghai.

Hey guys – since this is getting a ton of attention, I thought I’d pop in to share a few details:

This ‘first blood’ map was dreamed up by some Rioters who wanted to make an awesome 1v1/2v2 map JUST for the All-Star game. They brewed it up during the ‘Thunderdome,’ which is a regular all-night hackathon Riot holds to explore cool new stuff.

Wickd vs SoAZ’s 1v1 extravaganza was awesome to watch and got me even more hyped up for this event at the All-Star game.

Because it was created solely with the idea of using it in the All-Star game, it’s not something that we have any concrete plans for besides the event.

Well there you have it. Regardless of how anxious you are to have another new map for League of Legends, it isn’t quite time yet for that. The video below contains gameplay from the map. Share your thoughts below in the comments!

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