8 PS4 Games That Should Be Announced at the Playstation Meeting

 8 PS4 Games That Should Be Announced at the Playstation Meeting

Syphon Filter Reboot

Syphon Filter

Seriously Sony, it’s about time you make this happen. Rumors have swirled for quite some time that the series would make a reappearance on the Playstation 3, but things ultimately fell short. While the rumblings haven’t materialized yet, there’s still a chance.

The Syphon Filter series was once a staple for the Sony Playstation brand, but eventually fell off the wagon. The ability to reboot the series now presents itself with the Playstation 4, allowing Sony to bring the title back to the forefront of the market. With the game not being revealed yet after so many rumors, it’s possible that Sony has been holding out to bring it to the Playstation 4.

Sony Santa Monica IP

Sony Santa Monica

A cryptic tweet that went out from Sony Santa Monica this morning implied that they have something special to show off tonight. While the initial interaction is for a brand new God of War title, it wouldn’t make much sense for them to tease a next-gen version of the game before their Playstation 3 version actually launches.

Instead, we’re looking for a brand new IP to be announced by Sony Santa Monica. There were rumblings that a shooter was in the works, and with the God of War series featuring multiplayer we wouldn’t be surprised if they put out a multiplayer focused title.

What are the games that you hope to see tonight at the Playstation Meeting 2013? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss the Playstation 4 in our forums.

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