8 PS4 Games That Should Be Announced at the Playstation Meeting

 8 PS4 Games That Should Be Announced at the Playstation Meeting

Quantic Dream’s IP

Kara Tech Demo

Heavy Rain’s release may have been one of the more highly debated games that we have seen this generation, and it appears that Quantic Dream would like to continue that. While the studio is already working on Beyond: Two Souls, rumors have been flying around that another IP is in the works and set to be unveiled tonight.

We’ve seen the Kara tech demo, but Quantic Dream has stated that it was merely to showcase their engine’s power and won’t be turned into a game. We don’t believe you, David Cage. Whether it’s Singularity, Kara, or something else entirely we’ll be focused on what the studio

Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo 6

Just as hard as it is to imagine Sony not revealing Killzone 4 with the Playstation 4, it’s nearly impossible to imagine them not announcing a Gran Turismo title as well. All signs point to Gran Turismo 6 being ready for the start of the next-generation, and Polyphony Digital has already expressed interest in continuing the series.

Between the Killzone and Gran Turismo series, it’s difficult to imagine a better way to showcase your technical power and graphical capabilities. The Gran Turismo has a hardcore following dating back to the original Playstation and Sony’s announcement of a next-gen sequel will keep that fanbase happy.

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