Rumor: PS4, Xbox 720 to be announced in March

 Rumor: PS4, Xbox 720 to be announced in March

According to videogamer.com and a slew of other reports, Game Informer’s February issue suggests that Sony and Microsoft are planning “special Apple-style press conferences” to officially announce their new consoles. Allegedly, these announcements will occur sometime “near the Game Developers Conference in late March.” GDC will take place March 25-29 in San Francisco.

If you’ve kept up with StickSkills today, you’ll notice that this report conflicts with another we received this morning, which hinted that a PlayStation 4 reveal might be slated for May or June. That report comes from an Emol interview with Sony Home Entertainment Vice President Hiroshi Sakamoto.

Unnamed sources at CVG, too, have reportedly confirmed that the so-called PS4 and Xbox 720 will be revealed before E3, stating that exact dates have not yet been determined.

Along with the March-release rumor, Game Informer forecasts that the PS4 will release ahead of the 720, citing Sony’s plans to avoid the problems it had with the release of the PS3.

Thus far, Sony and Microsoft have remained silent with regard to these reports. As always, we’ll keep you in the loop should we get wind of any developments.

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