Fan Art Feature: ‘Bioshock Infinite’ & ‘Portal 2’ by AlexGarner

 Fan Art Feature: ‘Bioshock Infinite’ & ‘Portal 2’ by AlexGarner

With the coming of the new year, we decided to bring back our weekly segment which rotates concentration on fan art and concept art. To start things off, we’ve got two pieces by Alex Garner. Currently a freelance illustrator for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Blizzard Entertainment, Hasbro, and other various companies, Alex got his start doing work for comic book series. His gallery, which can be viewed entirely on his deviantART page, clearly reflects this upbringing, with many pieces focused on superhero appearances.

Every artist has to get warmed up before they start getting into the flow of things, and Alex chose to do so by showing his love for the Portal series. “Absolutely brilliant game. I highly recommend it,” he wrote in the description section. Eventually the piece was finished and uploaded to his gallery, soon afterwards he decided to work on a BioShock Infinite piece. “I had such a fun experience with the Portal 2 fan piece, I decided to go further and paint a bigger one for the upcoming game BioShock Infinite. . .”[the] game’s set design and characters are amazingly well done, especially Elizabeth; she doesn’t have that dead-eye lifeless look you seen in so many video game characters.”

The two pieces we’ve chosen to feature can be found below. For more of his work you can visit either his deviantART page or his personal website.

Portal 2

BioShock Infinite

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