‘Black Ops: Declassified’ can be beaten in under an hour

 ‘Black Ops: Declassified’ can be beaten in under an hour

If you’re looking for a lengthy, enrapturing experience for your PlayStation Vita… Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified is not the game for you. At least not according to Dan Ryckert, associate editor at Game Informer.

“Well, I just beat Black Ops: Declassified‘s main story mode (if you can call it that) in 42 minutes,” Ryckert said in a Tweet this evening. He followed that Tweet with a bit of clarification:

“The main single player mode is ten missions that don’t have checkpoints, and almost all of them are under five minutes long.”

Ryckert also mentioned another single-player offering in the first Call of Duty game released for Vita, saying, “Just beat the other mode in barely over five minutes. Black Ops: Declassified has less than an hour of single player content in total.”

This series of Tweets came after an earlier revelation, in which Ryckert proclaimed, “Wow…I’m learning very quickly why Activision wasn’t showing off much of Black Ops: Declassified prior to release.”

Ryckert’s not the only one unhappy with the Vita’s latest title. As of yesterday, reviewers around the country were wondering where their copies of Black Ops: Declassified were, hoping to get a head start on their reviews. Now that copies have been shipped and received (and a few select remarks have been made), it will be interesting to see what review scores look like. We look to have our own review of the game up as soon as possible.

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