‘Mass Effect Trilogy’ trailer released, PS3 date announced

 ‘Mass Effect Trilogy’ trailer released, PS3 date announced

If you’re like me and have (gasp) never played the Mass Effect series, or you’re simply a total and complete Mass Effect fanatic, then the following trailer might just get you all sorts of excited.

For veterans of the series, the newly released video won’t bring anything new, but the Martin Sheen voice-over, powerful score, and dramatic setup are sure to bring the kind of video game sentimentality that only games like Mass Effect can produce. Check out the trailer and see for yourself (and, as always, be sure to watch it in HD).
[youtube id=”PfHxklxMhA4″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

If the title “Mass Effect” isn’t ringing any bells for you, I’ll sum up its premise for you, so you can join in on the excitement. Mass Effect is a trilogy of third-person, sci-fi RPG set in an inter-galactic environment. Throughout each of the three games, the player controls Commander Shepard who, along with his team, fights to stop the enemy Reapers from destroying the universe as they know it. There are, of course, many other plotlines, subplots, side stories, and themes, but you’ll have to discover those on your own.

Along with the release of the trailer, Bioshock announced that the¬†Mass Effect Trilogy, which includes¬†Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3,¬†will hit stores December 4 for PS3. The Xbox 360 and PC release date of November 6–shown in the trailer–has been known for some time.

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