MineCon ticket sales opening today

 MineCon ticket sales opening today

For those who are hoping to attend this year’s Minecon in Disneyland Resort, Paris, ticket sales will open in just over nine hours at 7 AM (EST). More information will be available when sales open, but for now the website simply boasts the following statistics:

  • €99 early-bird rate for MineCon tickets grants admission
    to the Disney Events Arena, from 10 am to about 6 pm.
  • Saturday evening party at the Walt Disney Studios Park,
    reserved for MineCon with free rides for everyone!
  • Discounts on Disney hotels (from €78) and park tickets.
  • 18 and over get access to .party() in Paris on Sunday night.

It also has some pretty French sounding music. Stay tuned for updates later today.

Will you be attending MineCon?

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