Sony to show head-mounted display at TGS

 Sony to show head-mounted display at TGS

Every gamer has dreamed of playing their favorite game in virtual reality. To date, we’ve settled with the likes of motion-sensor and 3D technology, always hoping for something more. Now, we may be closer than ever to achieving our personal-VR dreams.

Sony revealed today that it will be showing off the second edition of a new kind of video display system at Tokyo Game Show: a head-mounted display, to be precise. Though the announcement video (shown below) has titles only in Japanese, the gist of it seems to be that the technology will allow gamers (and possibly movie viewers) to immerse themselves in 360-degree environments.

[youtube id=”77oCTRIUCk8?hd=1″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

According to PC World, this is the second iteration of Sony’s “Personal 3D Viewer.” With a lighter weight, clearer sound, and more beautiful picture, the HMZ T2 will be sold in Japan for about $900. If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of the first version of the device, it’s probably because it was only sold overseas. The new device is equipped with an OLED screen, similar to the technology in the PlayStation Vita. The images displayed on the HMZ T2 will appear to be up to 750 inches. With the help of sensors on the device, when a player moves his head, the image will change, allowing him to see in a full 360 degrees.

During TGS, Sony will hold public demonstrations, giving fans the chance to experience the headset first-hand.

Obviously we’ll have more info as Tokyo Game Show comes to pass, but for now, here’s a translation of the trailer’s text, provided by IGN.

“What level of immersion is it possible for people to achieve? Now, a new entertainment experiment explores that possibility: The HMZ Immersive Pleasure Device head-mounted display. Developed as an open experiment, this model has a head-tracking system and live camera.

Tokyo Game Show 2012 limited model PROTOTYPE-SR

*Jointly developed with RIKEN Team Fuji

New 360-degree immersive entertainment sensation.

The world of movies and the world of music can fly into the real world.

Public experiments to be conducted on the 22nd and 23rd of September.

We are now recruiting for the experience (deadline 13th September). You can witness the future of entertainment.”

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