Halo: Forward Unto Dawn Trailer Shows Main Character Enlisting


To help continue the lead-up to Halo 4, Microsoft has been creating a live action web-series called Forward Unto Dawn. While you may need to wait until November 6 for Halo, Forward Unto Dawn will be hitting the Internet on October 5 and continue up to the launch.

This week an Enlist trailer has released featuring the logic behind the stories main character, Thomas Lasky, played by Tom Green. Of course, all of this takes place just before the war with the covenant and will serve as a background to Lasky, one of the main characters in Halo 4. Expect to see the Chief periodically alongside them, he’s by no means the main character, but he will however, inspire Lasky to become something more.

Check out the trailer and head to our forums to get hyped for November 6.

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