Zombie Mod Hitting ‘CS:GO’ on Launch

 Zombie Mod Hitting ‘CS:GO’ on Launch

As the world impatiently awaits the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (four days!)the Counter-Strike Blog has revealed some terrifyingly good news. Thanks to the team at plaguefest.com, CS:GO will be accompanied on launch day by a Zombie Mod. Plague Fest has also announced (and is currently beta testing) a Zombie Escape game type that will presumably be available at launch, as well.

As with past Counter-Strike games, CS:GO will be completely modifiable, and many developers are already working on mods that will release after launch. With the recent success of The Walking Dead and Black Ops’ “Zombie Mode,” though, it’s a sure bet that Plague Fest’s mod will be one of Global Offensive‘s most popular.

For more detailed information on Plague Fest’s mods, head on over to the developer’s website. But before you go, let us know how you feel about CS:GO getting a promotable Zombie Mod. Excited? Scared? Tired of zombies? Be sure to comment and complain in the comments below, or chat about it on our forums.

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