Star Wars: Battlefront III Alpha Gameplay Footage Leaks Out


Earlier this year, it honestly seemed like every week contained a new Star Wars: Battlefront III rumor.  Numerous rumors surfaced about the game being revealed in various methods, but unfortunately none of those came to fruition.

Fast-forward a few months, and gameplay footage of an alpha build has leaked out for Star Wars: Battlefront III.  Since the footage is considered alpha, there are quite a few rough edges but you can still understand the direction of the game.  Within the video you’ll see a few different characters, vehicles, and levels.

Keep in mind that this is alpha, so animations and textures will obviously not look as good as a title that’s closer to being finished.  There’s no word on whether the title is still being worked on, if this build was scrapped, etc.  Continue viewing below for the alpha gameplay footage of Star Wars: Battlefront III.

What do you think about the leaked gameplay footage of Star Wars: Battlefront III?  With so many rumors and nothing being concretely announced, are you still interested in the game?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Star Wars: Battlefront III in our forums.

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