‘Halo 4’ Majestic Map Pack screens leak

NeoGAF user, Wifiplayer13, has uncovered some screens of the next Halo 4 map pack. As we already know, these maps are part of the Majestic Map Pack, which is set to release on February 25th. Wifiplayer13 came across the maps by editing some URLs on the Halo website, these will be the preview images for the […]Read More


‘Dark Souls 2’ concept art surfaces

A slew of new images from Namco Bandai and Form Software’s Dark Souls 2 have made their way onto the internet, and as you’d guess, the screens are pretty chilling. It’s tough to call any game in this ridiculously difficult series “pretty.” Some of the vistas are impressive in both scale and color, but there’s still a […]Read More


New ‘Gears of War: Judgment’ screenshots released

A bunch of action-packed, detailed screens of Epic Games and People Can Fly’s Gears of War: Judgment have found their way to the internet. Sure, plenty of people saw Gears of War 3 a tidy ending to one of this generation’s most popular shooters, but shootin’ Locusts is just too fun to quit. Judgment may not look […]Read More