‘Dead Space 3’ gets beautiful new screenshots

Visceral Games’ third entry in the scary-as-all-hell Dead Space franchise won’t be out this year, and the developer has just released plenty of screenshots to make the wait even worse. The majority of Dead Space 3 is said to take place on a chilly, frozen planet called Tau Volantis, but protagonist Isaac Clarke seems to be […]Read More


The Cave PAX Screens Show Varied Environments And Vending Machines

Double Fine Productions and Sega have released a new batch of screenshots from Ron Gilbert’s upcoming adventure game-platformer hybrid The Cave. The screens, fresh from PAX Prime 2012, show off a few of the different environments and characters from the game, in which you’ll take control of adventurers who enter a sentient cave. If these intrigue you, then […]Read More


New GTA V Screenshots Show a Jet & Incredible Graphics

A few weeks ago, Rockstar released a few new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots that sent the internet into shock.  While Rockstar stated that there would not be any GTA V footage coming soon, they didn’t mention new screenshots wouldn’t be on the way. Rockstar has released three new screenshots today showcasing a car called […]Read More