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‘Proteus’ now coming to PS3 & Vita

The list of weird indie titles hitting Sony platforms continues to grow, this time with the experimental quasi-game Proteus. No release date is known yet, but it’s expected to hit the PlayStation Network sometime this fall, and will take advantage of Sony’s Cross Buy system. Released earlier this year for PC and Mac, Proteus lets players explore a procedurally-generated island […]Read More


Interview with ‘Proteus’ dev Ed Key

StickSkills content manager Sam Nolan interviews Ed Key, an up-and-coming indie developer who has just released his first game, Proteus. During the interview, Ed and Sam chat about the ins and outs of indie development, the genesis of Proteus and the title’s detractors, who claim that the experience should not fall under the definition of a “game.” [jwplayer […]Read More


Along Came an Indie: ‘Proteus’

This article may contain spoilers you’ll regret reading. It’s hard to say, really, but if you’re worried about tarnishing your experience—as can happen with any article about any game—consider playing the game on the fact that I’m saying, right now, that it’s worth your time. Otherwise, enjoy the words. Before a few days ago, I […]Read More