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‘Impossible Road’ Review

It can not be easy to be an independent iOS developer. With a marketplace to which the word “oversaturated” doesn’t even begin to apply, how do budget developers get their games to stand out? Unfortunately for Kevin Ng–developer of the new iOS arcade game Impossible Road–I don’t have the answer to that question. What I do […]Read More


‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ coming to iOS

Last year’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown enjoyed critical and commercial success Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Unfortunately, one thing each of those platforms has in common is that you can’t take them on the bus. Developer Firaxis also noticed this, and soon we will have a shiny iOS port of Enemy Unknown to take with us on the […]Read More


Contest: ‘Cut the Rope’ toy giveaway

Whether you’re on Android of iOS, there’s chance you spend good bit of your free time playing games on your phone or device. One of the more addicting games that our staff seems to play a bit too much of has been Cut the Rope. To help share our love with you (that sounds a […]Read More