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PAX East: ‘Delver’s Drop’ interview

An isometric dungeon crawler doing its best to make it though the Steam Greenlight program, Delver’s Drop grabbed our attention through its creative and colorful art design. We had a chance to talk with one of the game’s leading developers at PAX East, who told us all about this PC title. [youtube id=”FHk6PBIu49c” width=”620″ height=”360″] Leave all […]Read More


Steam Charging $100 to Appear on Greenlight

What happens when you give the entire public the opportunity to put their content in a public space? If you guessed “some people post bogus and/or vulgar content”, then you are correct, which is why Valve is attempting to stem the flow of illegitimate content on their indie service Greenlight. Valve is adding a $100 […]Read More


Slender: Source Is Attempting to Make It On Steam

Not too long ago, Valve announced the launch of Steam Greenlight.  The service allows individuals to pitch their games to the Steam community to have their game ultimately voted for or against.  If a game receives enough votes, it’ll see a release on Steam. While browsing through the laundry list of titles currently available to […]Read More


Valve Announces Steam Greenlight

The folks over at Valve are taking a chance on something new yet again. Earlier today they announced a new system, entitled Steam Greenlight, which is supposed to give more control to both indie developers and Steam users. At the end of next August, independent development teams will be able to submit their games to […]Read More