Slender: Source Is Attempting to Make It On Steam

 Slender: Source Is Attempting to Make It On Steam

Not too long ago, Valve announced the launch of Steam Greenlight.  The service allows individuals to pitch their games to the Steam community to have their game ultimately voted for or against.  If a game receives enough votes, it’ll see a release on Steam.

While browsing through the laundry list of titles currently available to be voted for, we stumbled upon Slender: Source.  Now, if you haven’t played the Slender title that everyone is going crazy for, we highly recommend you read our piece on why it deserves your time.  However, Slender: Source is a title that’s building upon the already scary urban legend known as Slenderman, but not basing it off of the popular game we just referenced.

Gamers will be treated with four-player cooperative play, four different characters with their own distinct back-stories, and a flashlight as your only “weapon”.  The game currently has quite a bit of way to go to receive the “greenlight” to be added to Steam, so any votes that can be added will help the game reach its goal.  The developer is promising the game to be “free”, so it’s easily worth your time to add a quick vote to assist the game in the process.

What do you think about the Slenderman urban legend?  What’s your favorite experience with any Slenderman game?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Slenderman in our forums.

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