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Final Fantasy Versus XIII Still in Development

Remember when we said that the long-awaited Square Enix title Final Fantasy Versus XIII may be canceled? Well, according to CEO Yoichi Wada, it’s still alive and kicking. ヴェルサスがキャンセルされたってデマ流してるやつがいるらしい。フフ..たった今ヴェルサス定例会議が終わったとこ。今日プレゼンされた街なんぞ見たら腰抜かすでぇ~w — 和田洋一 (@yoichiw) July 24, 2012 It’s all right there. OK, so maybe I should explain just a bit further. The tweet basically states that not only […]Read More


Rumor: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Cancelled

A few weeks ago, a rumor had surfaced that Square Enix was preparing to give Final Fantasy Versus XIII an official release date at the Tokyo Game Show.  Today, it appears that all of that positivity surrounding the game has turned into it being cancelled. Kotaku is reporting that Square Enix just recently made the […]Read More


Final Fantasy Versus XIII Release Date Coming Soon

For Final Fantasy fans, it’s been a frustrating few years with the lack of information or an actual release for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.  Being announced just over six years ago, most fans have moved on and thought of the title as nothing more than vaporware. As if your heart hasn’t been toyed with enough, […]Read More